Welcome to our new website!

Heidi and I are very excited that our new (and very much improved website) is now live. A big thank you to one of our former teachers, Leigh Olesen, who has brought this incarnation into being.  This upgrade has been long overdue, and we’ve used this time to improve our studio management systems and a whole host of other delights of managing the business side of our space. In truth, we’d much rather be spending our time in classes with you, studying or practicing our craft!

It’s also been valuable as we’ve reflected on what Chill has become. It started as a place where Heidi and I could offer our classes in one space; we’d hitherto been offering classes at an assortment of places, and it was Alice Ruvane’s presence that brought us into consolidating our classes into one space offering a full schedule of classes. Over the intervening 11 years, we have been joined by many other teachers and students whose energies have all contributed greatly into providing a dedicated home for Yoga in the twin cities.

For the greater part, we have deliberately chosen not to show images of ourselves or students practicing in social media, because we feel that these images tend to make yoga practice seem unattainable to the less lithe, flexible types.  In reality, our students are a diverse crew spanning 8 decades, all genders, physiques and fitness levels, and we do our best to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in class. It’s been wonderful to see how this has flourished into a caring community of friends who are united by their enjoyment of Yoga.

This blog is a new addition to our social media offerings, and its purpose in the site is to keep you up to date with workshops, schedule changes and other musings which we think will be of interest to you.

Many thanks for being part of Chill Yoga