Your Home for Yoga in L/A

A cool place to learn, to practice, to Chill

Yoga teachers and practitioners, Heidi Audet and Nerys Bayley, co-founded Chill Yoga in 2007, as a home for the growing Yoga community of Lewiston/Auburn. By this time, they had both been teaching for 5 years, often sharing the same spaces as well as students, and responding to the growing appetite for Yoga in this area. It was only natural for them to combine forces.

Cooperatively, they have been joined by other teachers who teach varying styles of yoga and movement. They are careful in who is accepted to teach, as it’s important to them to maintain a high standard of class, and offer a full and balanced schedule. Most classes are offered on an ongoing basis and are suitable for all levels of students. There are also beginner classes as well as more challenging ones. Workshops and other events are frequently hosted on site as well as off. And while Chill is serious about the business of sharing Yoga, it is also fun and enriched by the wonderful community of students of all ages for whom Chill is their Yoga home base.

Chill has been its current Lisbon Street location since May, 2010 and its growth has been mirrored by the revival of the downtown.

Heidi Audet


Nerys Bayley


Diane Handler

Paul Jones

Kimberly Allen

Debbie Hallowell

Kavita Sharma Nason

Rachel Lowe