Spend a late afternoon at Sia Bello Salon & Spa, in Auburn, Maine feeling luxurious and rejuvenated!

*Indulge in the spa-rejuvenating Pink Himalayan Sea Salt foot scrubs and soaks with dosha-pacifying essential oils followed by warm towel wraps with Lisa!
*Enjoy summer-soothing basil melon cooler, or fresh mint chai tea and Ayurvedic treats (caffeine-free brewed tea will also be available during the event). *Experience all natural ingredient Auyrvedic Facials for your dosha with Heidi.
*Learn about Hair Care products in a green world with Sia Bello Salon owner/Stylist, Jamie Bosse Rice!
Hosted by Heidi L. Audet, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and Sia Bello’s very own Jamie Bosse Rice and Lisa Mazarella who promise a day to remember.
Cost: $60 per person. Chill Yoga Sadhana Challenge Participants rate: $55.00 per challenger
Location: Sia Bello, 1049 Center Street, Auburn, ME
Registration deadline: July 5th.