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12 months ago, all of our lives abruptly shifted as we adjusted to living through a pandemic. We honestly thought we would be back to normal within a few weeks, and yet, here we are a full year on, with a sense that our old normal is coming into view.

And yet, we’ve changed, and the old normal isn’t going to be the same. We naively thought, we’d be teaching on Zoom for a few weeks and then be back in the studio with the same routine. Surprisingly, our old concept of the studio has changed. And we like it – and you like it, too!

As we move closer to the old normal, you can expect to see more hybrid classes – studio and Zoom. More outdoor offerings of yoga and hiking; these have proven to be very popular. Your teacher may live way up in Northern Maine – Kimberly, in Boston – Kate, or occasionally, Tennessee – Aly. You may be joined by students from out of town, out of State, and even out of the country. You may join us for shorter classes; not long enough to make a trip into the studio worthwhile, but perfect to keep your practice going. You will mostly be in a live class, but we also have pre-recorded ones available, too. We also hosted a teacher training program, and 8 students graduated last month.

We have welcomed all your suggestions and support, as we’ve shifted from a traditional studio based Yoga studio into a new model. We’re excited for the year ahead!