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What a year it has been so far? We’re 6 months into 2020, and there is so much happening on so many different levels that it’s incredibly challenging to keep up – and sane! It’s easy to feel powerless at times, and we can see the stressors playing out as people react to the events occurring at warp speed around us.

What we can do is take care of ourselves and look out for others with kindness, patience and support in all ways. Yoga practice certainly prepares us for this, so keep going in whatever way you can – and it’s also a good time to start if you are feeling in need of a little “me” time.

The studio remains closed; Zoom classes work well, keep us connected with our Yoga friends and saves us time spent in traveling and parking, so there is something very easy about it. Now, that the weather is improving, we have some outdoor classes – at the Great Outdoors and at Simard Payne park. Please register ahead for them.

Be well!