Class Types: Men’s Stretch

Paul Jones has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2005. In February of 2010, he became a 200hr. certified yoga teacher upon graduating from YOGAspirit(tm) Studios (South Hamilton, MA).
Paul´s training also includes yoga workshops with David Swenson and Nancy Gilgoff, both nationally recognized Ashtanga Yoga Masters.

At 67, Paul began practicing yoga at the recommendation of his personal physician. This decision came following a discussion of his concern for his slightly rounding shoulders and a noticeable slowing of pace since his retirement in 2001.

Paul joined a class taught by Yoga instructor Heidi L. Audet, R.Y.T., and very soon noticed positive changes to his body. He now stands straight, his step is lively, and he reports that he no longer gets lightheaded when bending over to tie his shoes. He also speaks of another unexpected benefit: an elated sense of well being after a yoga class.

Because of his personal, positive experiences with yoga restoring his posture, increasing his flexibilty and stamina, Paul has a desire to share his experience with others, of all ages.