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We weren’t too sure how our annual Sadhana Challenge would go now that most of our classes were online; records were still shattered! We had 14 competitors and the leader, Amy Hesby, attended 41 classes which is the highest number in the 7 years we’ve been running the challenge. She was closely followed by Deb Davies (36), Lisa Graves (35) and Diane Handler (32). Well done to all of you!

Our schedule is still a hybrid off on-site, off-site, Zoom and pre-recorded classes. There is still a couple of weeks left to practice at the Great Outdoors in Turner with Heidi, and then it closes forever. There are some teacher vacations coming up this month, so check the schedule ahead of time.

We have been saddened to hear that many Yoga Studios are closing, but we have to say that thanks to all of you and the wonders of technology, that we’ve been able to adapt to a new normal.

Hope to see you soon!